(“Pamela’s Woodlands” at Yaraandoo Park in Macclesfield)


  • Primary objective is to develop a 6Ha (16 acre) Riverine Fauna & Flora reserve on our 28Ha (70 Acre) property at Yaraandoo Park
  • Protect Club Creek, Platypus Lake and lead in waterline gullies
  • Clear all weeds, Blackberries, Spear Thistles, Dock and Ragwort
  • Allow natural vegetation regrowth within protected area
  • Complete extensive Planting program to enhance habitat within Reserve
    • 2011 – 2,000 native trees and shrubs planted
    • 2012 – 3,500 native trees and shrubs to be planted
  • Provide habitat for local native animals
    • Specifically targeting for the Helmeted Honeyeater (Victoria’s Bird Emblem)
    • Platypus, Grey Kangaroo, Swamp Wallaby, Wombat, Echidna & reptiles
    • All local birdlife including water bird habitat at Platypus Lake
  • Become self-sufficient in water supply and usage for both Farm and Domestic use


  • 3 1/2 Kms of premium fencing installed isolating Reserve from 11 separate paddocks
  • Provision of off-stream watering points established to all paddocks
  • Provision and installation of 60,000 Lt water supply tank and pumping system
  • 2,000 native plants and shrubs planted with mats & guards


PROJECT RESULTS AT DEC 2011 (24 months into Project)

  • Lake restoration complete with Platypus returned and Rainbow Trout stock
  • Natural vegetation regrowth in and around Lake providing habitat
  • Weed control measures in place with major works completed
  • Kangaroos and Swamp Wallabies venturing to within 50 metres of house area
  • Increased native bird activity & numbers within Reserve and adjacent areas
  • Strong natural vegetation regrowth around Lake and Swamp area
  • Gateways realigned to prevent soil erosion


  • Independent water supply
  • Beef production unit with 57 head in stock
  • All feed provided ex paddocks and annual Hay production for cattle
  • Establishment of 2 Orchard/vegetable gardens
    • House Orchard has 26 fruit trees within 360 M2
    • Cottage Orchard has 18 fruit trees within 180 M2
  • Henhouse providing eggs with free range poultry
  • General land and Orchard management based on organic farming principles
  • House heating provided from fallen wood on property

This is Peter & Kay Auden’s commitment to “Greening” our part of the World And we thank all our Customers who have enabled us to do this